Ashrac’s Vintage Cognac – “Cody”

Black & Red Female German Shepherd Dog

Cody was my first German Shepherd.  She was a typical GSD – intelligent, loyal, protective, and very loving.

She came from police dog stock – her Great Grandfather was the first police dog on the Waterloo Regional Police force.  That breeding was still evident a number of generations later.  When upset or concerned, and at nearly 100 lbs., she was very much a force to be reckoned with.

Her self-appointed job was to be my protector.  Once when a friend’s dog growled at me and wouldn’t back down, Cody leaped between us and managed to make that Husky-Wolf cross back off completely despite being at about a 20 lbs. disadvantage.  Before I knew it, Cody had the other dog upside down and was standing on its chest.

Her everyday personality couldn’t have been more different.  I once found my 4 year old cousin sitting between Cody and her dish passing handfuls of dog food one at a time for Cody to eat.  Not too many dogs will be so patient at dinner time with a young child slowing down the dining experience.

‘Frisbee’ was her game, although ‘ball’ wasn’t too bad either.

She was my best pal for 13 years and I miss her still.

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