Summerview’s Diesel is a 4 1/2 year old female black German Shepherd.  People often ask “What kind of dog is that?” and often comment “I’ve never seen an all black German Shepherd.”

The typical black & tan or black & red Shepherds are definitely the most common, but the pure black Shepherd is very distinctive and graceful (even when there’s a ball hanging out of one side of her mouth).


Summerview’s Jagger is a 4 1/2 year old female black and tan German Shepherd.  She’s a littermate to Diesel and the more dominant one of the two.

Jagger is bright, attentive, loyal, and protective – all the qualities you’d expect and desire in a Shepherd.


Ashrac’s Vintage Cognac, Cody, was my first Shepherd and a strong and loyal friend.  She was a black and red female with whom I shared 13 years.

Cody was a pretty girl who weighed in just under 100 lbs in her prime.  She was very loyal and protective, and kept a wary eye on all newcomers.  Once you earned her trust, you had it for life.

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